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Progetto di ricerca PRIN "GAUCHO"
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Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"

Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome is involved in the GAUChO Project with two complementary laboratories.

Intelligent Signal Processing and MultiMedia (ISPAMM) Laboratory
The Intelligent Signal Processing and MultiMedia (ISPAMM) Laboratory, led by Prof. Aurelio Uncini, aims at the design and development of innovative methodologies for multimedia processing. Specifically, the research activities involved in the laboratory are related to the areas of Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Robust and efficient distributed algorithms, Deep learning for big data analytics, Recurrent deep neural architecture for big data streaming, Semi-supervised machine learning, Intelligent Human-Machine Interfaces, Adaptive distributed computation for Fog Computing and data-driven networking resource allocation, Advanced adaptive computation for data fusion on heterogeneous sensor networks, Distributed nonlinear processing, Advanced hyper-complex signal processing, Hyper-complex immersive audio algorithms, Micro hyper-complex microphone array, Complex acoustic inverse modeling, High performance intelligent acoustic interfaces.

Broadband Communication Laboratory (BroadcomLab)
The Broadband Communication Laboratory (Broadcomlab), led by Prof. Enzo Baccarelli, aims at the design and development of innovative methodologies of communication and computing platforms
Specifically, the group's research activities includes:
(i) planning, design, development, validation and prototyping of integrated platforms for communication/computing to support applications of Mobile Cloud Computing, Vehicular Cloud Computing and Big Data;
(ii) conception, design and development of Green Data Center on broadband infrastructure;
(iii) communication and computing engineering for Cloud systems and Big Data;
(iv) design and development of broadband communications networks on "radio" (LTE-A) and "wired" communication medium (next generation access).



 Leader of WP4

Participation to activities: T1.2, T2.2, T2.3, T3.2, T4.1, T4.2



Prof. Aurelio Uncini
Prof. Enzo Baccarelli
Dr. Michele Scarpiniti
Dr. Danilo Amendola
Dr. Danilo Comminiello
Dr. Simone Scardapane
Dr. Mohammad Shojafar
Francesca Ortolani
Paola Gabriela Vinueza Naranjo 

last update: 13-Apr-2017
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