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Università degli Studi di Firenze

University of Florence Research Unit – Data Communications, Networks and Systems (DaCoNetS) Laboratory

The DaCoNetS Lab at the University of Florence, Department of Information Engineering, led by Prof. Romano Fantacci, is engaged in research and education in the area of data communications, networking protocols and algorithms, network security, fog computing and networking, smart systems and applications.

The mission of the DaCoNetS Lab is to investigate these issues and to find solutions to specific technical problems in these areas.Currently, we are dealing with autonomous communication and networking solutions design, efficient solution for Software Defined Networks, Context Aware communications, techniques to improve throughput over wireless links, and efficient solutions to provide seamless mobility in heterogeneous networks.

DaCoNetS cooperates with many companies and other research labs around the world. In particular, it is part of the TiCOM Consortium, a joint venture between Leonardo – Finmeccanica s.p.a. and the University of Florence and of the cooperative industry-university LiRS research center to investigate emerging wireless technologies and their applications. 



  • Project Coordination
  • Leader of WP1
  • Participation to activities T1.1, T1..2, T1.3, T2.3, T3.1, T4.1,T4.2


  • Prof. Romano Fantacci
  • Dr. Francesco Chiti
  • Dr. Dania Marabissi
  • Dr. Federica Paganelli (CNIT)
  • Dr. Tommaso Pecorella
  • Dr. Laura Pierucci
  • Dr. Giulio Bartoli
  • Andrea Rizzo
  • Francesca Nizzi
  • Benedetta Picano 
last update: 08-Mar-2017
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