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Progetto di ricerca PRIN "GAUCHO"



The Gaucho project aspires at addressing relevant and challenging research and technological issues requiring skills and knowledge coming from different scientific fields. For this reason, the GAUChO project is promoted by four Italian Research Units (RUs), namely, the University of Florence (UNIFI) at Florence, the University Rome – La Sapienza (UNIRM) at Rome, University of Bologna (UNIBO) at Bologna, and the Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) at Milan, providing very high quality and complementary expertise. Moreover, it is worth noting that scientific publications and previously-founded research projects (National and European) of RU participants are aligned with the priority no. 2 – Industrial Leadership of the Horizon 2020 agenda and prove the ability to achieve high quality outcomes from assigned research tasks with a strict coordination and synergy among all the RUs. In more detail, the Work Packages (WPs) and research tasks planned for the GAUChO project are listed below. The WPs are leaded by the RUs at UNIFI, UNIBO, POLIMI and UNIRM, respectively. The RU at UNIFI plays the role of Principal Investigator of the project.

last update: 17-Feb-2017
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