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Progetto di ricerca PRIN "GAUCHO"


This project is expected to have a very large impact on a wide range of applications dealing with the monitor and control of large-scale distributed systems, which can be seen as part of the FC+FN paradigm. Connected Vehicles (CVs) and Intelligent Monitoring Systems (IMSs) here represent just two of the examples where the proposed GAUChO platform can be applied. Given the fact that the envisioned applications are characterized by an intrinsic need for low-latency, adaptiveness and energy-efficient mechanisms, they will clearly benefit from the "Green Adaptive Fog Computing and Networking Architecture" proposed in this project. In addition, the proposed FC+FN platform aims at providing the missing link between data acquisition and applications where decisions/reactions must be taken in a very short time and by reducing as much as possible the energy consumption.

The project will advance the state of the art in adaptive and green FC, FN paradigms by investigating adaptive and energy-efficient solutions from both the theoretical/methodological and technological points of view. Given the extremely high novel content associated with the considered research lines, it is expected that cutting edge methodologies/algorithms/solutions will come out from this project and find they natural valorization in prestigious, international top journals, e.g., the IEEE or ACM Transactions (e.g.: TCOM, TW, TVT, TNNLS, TMC, SMC). Clearly, subproducts as well as preliminary results will be published in rapid dissemination venues such as top-ranking IEEE or ACM conferences/workshops.

The designed and developed "Green Adaptive Fog Computing and Communication Architecture" is expected to have a significant positive impact in the development of future low-latency and energy-aware applications inspired by FC and FN paradigms. This is expected to have a relevant technological impact on many novel families of technologies, such as Smart Wireless Sensor Networks (SWSNs), Smart Objects of Internet-of-Things and Intelligent Embedded Systems. All in all, it is expected that proposed research will permit the FC+FN paradigm to enter into a new phase where real-world problems emerging from complex applications are addressed. It is expected that results will move from basic research to mass production in years 2018-25.

Intelligent and Green FC+FN platforms are able to provide more robust, energy-efficient and higher QoSs and, for this reason, are expected to increase the trust people have in machine-related and real-time critical applications. Furthermore, the novel FC+FN platform would enable to quickly acquire a full awareness about hazards and situations that cannot be foreseen and promptly activate appropriate countermeasures. Finally, the proposed FC+FN platform will be of paramount importance to enable and efficiently support a wide class of application scenarios (i.e., IoT, Smart Grid, Health Care just to name a few examples) all having a high significant social impact, e.g., smart grid where energy load balancing applications may run on end-devices at the edge of the network to autonomously switch to alternative energies, i.e., solar, wind–based, on energy demand, availability, environment conditions and economic convenience.

last update: 17-Feb-2017
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